Hiking And Walking

  1. Knock airport - transport to your accommodation
  2. Guided tours with a local from the area
  3. A choice of 4 star, 3 star or self catering accommodation
  4. Breakfast each morning 
  5. Packed lunch with each tour
  6. Transfers to and from your accommodation to the hike
  7. Clothes drying facilities available
  • Green – easy, short (1-2hrs), suitable for all levels of fitness;
  • Blue – moderate difficulty, 2-3 hrs duration, suitable for medium levels of fitness;
  • Red – hard, (3-5 hrs), suited to walkers with higher than average levels of fitness;
  • Purple – difficult terrain, more high level.
  • Yellow – Indicate way marked ways & most linear routes

  1. Appropriate clothing & equipment
  2. Rucksack
  3. Good walking boots / Appropriate socks
  4. Wet Gear
  5. Extra warm layers
  6. Liquids
  7. Walking poles - (if you use them)


Walking is one of the few activities that can be enjoyed all year round.  When planning a walk / hike you can decide if you want a long distance walk, an energetic hill walk or a more leisurely lowland stroll (Easy, Moderate or Difficult). You can also decide how long in time you want to walk for, consideration should be given to your level of fitness and the guided tour chosen.